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Choosing the Right Housing: Living Alone 1BR/Studio Vs Roommates 2BR+

Posted May 16, 2022
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With the end of another school year in sight, many students are already considering their options and living situations at UIUC or have already signed on to future leases. With so much to consider after leaving the dorms, it’s essential to evaluate the space you want and needs to function and enjoy your future school year. Check out our lists of the pros and cons that come with living in a studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedrooms +.

Studio and one-bedroom Living

The closest to a dorm and the most financially responsible option, a studio for one person, can be the perfect fit. With one room for everything, a studio mimics a dorm – except it has so many more perks! Your own bathroom is always a start but also think of the entire kitchen setup that you were missing in a dorm. For those on a budget or who are minimalists or into low consumerism, studios can be the perfect place to set up your off-campus living. You don’t need as much furniture, and it’s especially easy to keep clean. talks in depth about minimalism, saying, “If you appreciate sleek interiors and tend to avoid clutter, a studio apartment with a kitchenette might be an attractive option. You can make up for the lack of storage space with multipurpose, space-saving furniture, like a Murphy bed (a type of bed you can pull down or out from a wall). You might embrace the opportunity for creative interior design, too. While some L-shaped studio designs create a sense of privacy with a divider or small partition wall, you can also make distinct spaces using screens, bookcases, stacked storage containers, or other furniture.”

Another big reason people choose to live in studios is that it’s good for the environment! According to, “being in a smaller space means you are making less of an impact. Fewer materials go into building your space; you consume less energy and usually save on water too. […] It’s easier to buy a few impactful pieces, and the same budget with fewer pieces means you can focus on quality.”

Probably the most convincing perk of living in a studio, and the biggest opposition to living in the dorms – no roommates! Living alone is an incredible step in every adult’s life – whether it’s in college or after. If you had a nightmare of a time rooming with someone in the dorms – you might be certain a studio or one-bedroom is for you.

A one-bedroom is awesome for students for the same reasons but can offer slightly more space if needed. One-bedroom apartments can also be great for students expecting to participate in remote learning or work, providing extra space for designated learning and working areas that many don’t have room for in a studio. Especially if you plan on living with a partner in a one-bedroom – these separate spaces can provide some much-needed alone time and separation, especially if the household spends a lot of time online and in zooms.

Two-Bedrooms or Larger Apartments

A lot of college kids these days decide to skip out of living alone or with a partner and instead choose to bunk it with a few friends most of college. This may be the least peaceful option, but the most fun! Some of the best parts of college are shared with newly met friends, and with 1-2 roommates, you will always be able to talk, gossip, get ready together and share the fun times.

If you’re looking to save money, as most college kids are, living with roommates can be a cheaper option all around. You will be splitting rent and also splitting the decorating and furnishing of your apartment! says, “With roommates, you’ll divide your expenses evenly — rent, utilities, repairs, and maybe even other expenses like common supplies. What does this mean? With roommates who pay on time, it means that you’ll have more money in your pocket. More money in your pocket means more to save — or spend on stuff you enjoy doing.”

Another pro about living in a two bedroom that goes hand in hand with roommates is sharing chores! It won’t always be on you to clean the toilet; you’ll have help!

With all this being said, the best way to decide what to do is to establish what you can’t live without and go from there. Is it space, peace and quiet, and room to study? Is it a talkative household with a more classic college experience? Whatever you decide, your next year is set to be amazing!

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