Tenant Handbook

Paying Rent

The rent is due on the 1st of each month.  We have several choices you can choose to pay your rent.

  1. Payment Options:
  1. If you have leased a parking space, you can either pay for it monthly with your rent or pay for it in full when you move in.
  2. Any checks not recognized at the bank (NSF) will be assessed an additional fee of $25.00 which will be billed to your account.
  3. There shall be an increase of 5% assessed on the unpaid balance of each installment if not paid on or before the 1st day of the month in which that installment falls due.  In addition, $3.00 per day service shall be assessed for every day after the 1st day that the installment remains unpaid.

If you have any questions regarding your rent balance you can feel free to call the office at 217.337.8852 or email accounts@mhmproperties.com.


If you are renting a parking space, it is important you read the following information:

  1. Once you have purchased a parking space, you must have a copy of your parking lease in your vehicle at all times or you will not be able to tow anyone from your space.
  2. Make sure you are parking only in the correct space.  Please be advised that MHM Properties is not responsible if you get towed for not parking in the correct space.  You are responsible for getting your vehicle back and paying for the towing fees.
  3. If someone is parked in your space, call Reynolds Towing to have them towed.  DO NOT PARK IN ANOTHER SPACE IF SOMEONE IS IN YOUR SPACE OR YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO GET TOWED!
  4. Parking can be paid with your monthly rent.  If you are a non-resident, the entire parking fee is due at the signing.
  5. Make sure the MHM Properties office has your current vehicle and contact information, including your cell phone number.  We must have a way to contact you in case of an emergency.
  6. To sign a parking lease, contact MHM Properties office at 217.337.8852 or email at contact@mhmproperties.com.

Bike Racks

All bikes should be locked up on the designated bike racks.  DO NOT lock bikes on handrails, fences or any other area that blocks doors or hallways as this violates fire escape codes.  Bikes will be removed without notice if they are blocking walkways.


Please check your mail on a regular basis as accumulated mail can make the mailbox difficult to open.  MHM Properties does not accept packages in our office for residents.  All package deliveries must be sent directly to your apartment address.  For secure entry buildings, do not prop the front doors open.  UPS and FedEx have access to entry door keys in order to deliver packages to residents.  USPS has entry access to all buildings.  Other mail carriers will attempt delivery to your apartment door.


If you are locked out of the apartment during office hours, call the office at 217.337.8852 and one of the staffs can help you get you into the apartment.  A lockout fee is $50.00 after the office hours, which are 9am-5pm, M-F.

Apartment Maintenance

If you have an emergency and it is after office hours, call the office 217.337.8852 and leave a message.  They will return your call to determine if it is an emergency needing an immediate response.

Do not email or leave emergency work orders on the answering machine, they will not be received until the next business day.

Here is the list of emergency work order:

All other maintenance requests for your apartment may be reported by submitting online at MMHProperties.com via Resident Portal.  Make sure to report maintenance issues as early in the day as possible to ensure work orders are taken care of in a timely manner.  If you have a leak in your apartment from the roof, or if there is a plumbing issue, please notify the office immediately.

If you have a fire, call 911 first, then notify MHM Office.

Common Maintenance

  1. DO NOT flush foreign objects such as paper towel, grease, food, or feminine hygiene products down the toilet!  We highly recommend you purchase a toilet plunger to have on hand for emergencies.  If your toilet overflows, shut off the water immediately.  The shut off is behind the toilet.
  2. DO NOT use anything but automatic dishwashing soap in the dishwasher.  Regular dish soap will cause your dishwasher to suds up and overflow.
  3. DO NOT allow bottle caps, broken glass, large amounts of foods or any other foreign objects to enter your garbage disposal.  Charges will be assessed for repairs if foreign objects are found in the garbage disposal or you are overloading it.  Please, this is not a trash compactor, it is meant for very small amounts of food.
  4. PLEASE make sure you close your shower curtain completely and the plastic liner is pulled into the bathtub.  This will prevent water from flooding the floor and leaking into the apartments below.
  5. DO NOT pour water or allow water to flood onto your kitchen or bathroom floors.  This will cause flooding in the apartments below.
  6. DO NOT stack boxes or personal belongings around your furnace or water heater.  This is a fire hazard and will interfere will the operation furnace.
  7. DO NOT turn off your heat in the winter.  If you leave town over winter break, make sure your heat is set at 62 degrees with your thermostat left in the “On” position.

A/C and Heating

Central Heat and Air:

Your apartment might have central heat/air.  When turning on either the air or heat for the season, be sure the thermostat is set correctly and the unit has a clean filter.  We change out furnace filters every 90 days with notice prior.

Air Conditioning:

Set thermostat on COOL, and fan on AUTO.  Be sure to allow ample time for the unit to cool your apartment.  The air conditioner should only be used when outside temperatures are above 60 degrees.  Operating the A/C when outside temperatures are lower than 60 degrees can cause the air conditioner unit to freeze up, possibly damaging the unit.  If your A/C unit is to stop working due to the weather being cooler than 60 degrees please turn off your A/C, so it is able to unfreeze and then call maintenance so they can fix the unit.


Set thermostat on HEAT, and fan on AUTO.  Nothing should be placed in the heating closet.  Airflow is needed to properly operate the heat and air conditioner.

Non-Central Heat and Air

Wall Unit A/C:

Your apartment might have a window A/C.  If your unit is leaking or has “iced up”, please turn it off and turn on the fan for the unit.  Place towels under the A/C unit to soak up the water and fill out a maintenance request to have the unit looked at.  To prevent this from happening again, be sure the thermostat is always set about 72 degrees.


Washers & Dryers

Please do not overload washer and dryer!  Overloading the clothes will cause the motor to burn up and will cause your clothes to wash and dry inefficiently.  Do not wash or dry items soiled with any type of oil or solvents, it can result in an explosion or fire!

Check the guidelines below:

To avoid scratching up the inside of washer make sure to close zippers and snaps.  Turning clothes inside out is highly suggested such as jeans and tops with buttons.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Do’s:


Garbage Disposal Don’ts:

Don’t put anything in the garbage disposal that is not biodegradable food.  A garbage disposal is not a trash can; it’s for food scraps only!  Non-food items can damage both blades and the motor.  When in doubt, make sure to throw it out!

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Problem-Free

Ice is an extremely effective and inexpensive method for cleaning your garbage disposal, sharpening the blades and breaking up any grease build up that has accumulated.  Just toss a few ice cubes into the garbage disposal and run it.  As the garbage disposal chops into the ice cubes, the ice chips will effectively scour all the hard to reach areas of the unit, and melt down the drain.  Try this once or twice a month to keep your garbage disposal in fine working order.

How To Remove or Prevent Nasty Garbage Disposal Smells

Here are some natural methods to clean your garbage disposal that are good for the environment and very inexpensive.

Tips for Removing Fallen Objects

NEVER insert your unprotected hand into the garbage disposal!  If you must use your hand to remove objects and debris from the garbage disposal, always wear safety gloves to protect your hand from the garbage disposal sharpen blades.

There are safer steps in retrieving the fallen objects.  First, grab a flashlight and try to find the exact location of the object.  Use a pair of extra-long needle nose pliers or salad tongs to carefully extract the object.

If unable to extract the object yourself, call the office for a work order during business hours.

Electric Stove Coil Top

Please Be Cautious:

CAUTION: If a fire occurs inside the oven

  1. Close the door
  2. Turn oven OFF

If the fire continues, use fire extinguisher!  DO NOT put water or flour on the fire, flour may be explosive!

Cleaning Tips Stove Top:

Note: Don’t forget to replace drip pan first before reattaching coil burner.

Cleaning tips for the oven:

Gas Stove

Please Be Caution:

WARNING: Use the proper flame size for safety, place pan with food on the burner before turning it on and do not leave unattended.

CAUTION: If the fire inside of oven occurs

If the fire continues, use the fire extinguisher!  DO NOT put water or flour on the fire, flour may be explosive!

Cleaning Oven: This is a self-cleaning oven

A Self- Cleaning oven cleans itself with high temperatures that will eliminate soils completely or reduce them into a fine powder ash that will then need to be wiped away. Remove broiler pan before selecting the Self-Cleaning button.

Self-Cleaning cycles: 2 hours-light soils, 3 hours-average soils, 4 hours- heavy soils

Cleaning Stove Top:

NOTE: Make sure burner grate is cooled off before cleaning and thoroughly dried before returning it to the stove top.


  1. Scrap all food into trash such as bones, seeds, peelings, and any large chunk of food, and other materials.
  2. Pre-rinse dishes removing anything that is stuck on plates such as gunk and thick food residue.
  3. Load dishes in the dishwasher that are free from excess food particles.


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