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Many people use ice cubes as to cool their drinks, maintain fresh vegetables and meat, or simply use them cool off in the summer.  Imagine, some of the brilliant household hacks that require items you don’t have just lying around in the home.  With just one ice cube, you can make cleaning, plant care, and […]

Powerful Things You Can Do with Just an Ice Cube!


The invention of Clorox wipes has been one of the go-to items for cleaning pretty much anywhere in the home.  Especially these disinfecting wipes that you love them so much and use them for just about everything and anything. Often, many people wonder why to bother with any other cleaning products when you have such […]

Are You Using Clorox Wipes Correctly?


We all know often keeping socks paired up together is not that easy.  Although some may think that keeping socks through the laundry cycle is pretty simple.  Just simply toss them in the washer or dryer, but that step doesn’t make its way into everyone’s routine.  If you are likely to toss dirty socks in […]

Here’s One Smart Way to Handle Your Lost Sock Problem


What is staycation?  This is when you don’t actually go anywhere on vacation but instead take time off from work and enjoy your city or area.  Staycations are getting very popular in recent years.  As expected, some cities are much better than others, of course. WalletHub has created a list of 182 best cities for […]

These Are the Top Cities for Staycations – Check If Your City Made the List


Are you bored and have nothing to do?  Here’s everything that’s leaving the streaming service from Netflix in June. The Great Gatsby (June 15) Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Seasons 1-8 (June 16) Captain America: Civil War (June 25) June 15 Nax & Maalik The Great Gatsby Drillbit Taylor The Giver Underdogs June 16 Anthony Bourdain: […]

Everything That’s Leaving Netflix in June


Now that summer is here, let’s see how what you can do and be ready to enjoy the best in summer.  This weekend, plan a quick getaway for yourselves or with your friends.  You don’t have to go far.  You can go to the local parks and do outdoor barbeque with friends.  Nonetheless, we are […]

Do This One Thing Now and Be Ready to Enjoy the Best Summer


Indoor gardening can often be expensive but appreciating the personality they bring to our spaces is joy and fun enough when it comes to it.  If you are ready to take your plant parenting to the next level, making plant babies is not hard as it sounds. Many of the most popular houseplants are easy […]

Looking for a Zero-Cost Way to Add More Plants to Your Apartment?


Whether it’s your first year in college and thinking about living in an apartment, or you didn’t have luck getting the apartment you wanted last year, it helps to know when you should start looking for one to make sure you get your dream apartment while in college. First of all, know your campus and the […]

When Should You Start Looking for an Apartment?


Subleasing Process If you’re looking to sublease your apartment for summer or any time between now and until your lease ends, now it’s a great time to start looking!  Current residents may sublease their apartments to another person by signing a sublease agreement.  This sublease contract is an agreement between the current resident (sublessor) and […]

Subleasing Information


  With the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 just around the corner, brush up your knowledge of the fascinating ice and snow disciplines.  The 2018 Winter Olympics are set for February 9-25.  Here’s a quick guide, including location, new events, venues, and how to watch the Games.  Competitions will be held at 13 venues for […]

Get Ready for PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018

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