Roommate Matching Unit Available for Spring 2019 (Immediate Move-In)

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The lunar new year means revelers across the world will be having two weeks of celebrations to welcome in 12 months of the Pig – but what is the story behind Chinese New Year and what do the animals mean? When is Chinese New Year and why does the date change every year? The Year […]

Chinese Lunar New Year 2019


Hello, 2019!  A new year always brings about thoughts of self-reflection on what you can do in 2019 to make your life better, fun or do differently.  Everyone has their own term of success but just for fun, why not check the zodiac sign.  Some of these resolutions will challenge your sign’s core tendencies, while […]

The New Year’s Resolution for Every Zodiac Sign


Winter break is just around the corner and college students are getting ready to get back home for an extended break from their studies.  Their absence leaves a lot of rental units empty and vulnerable to property damage and cold weather-related maintenance issues.  The tips below are a good start for putting together a Winter […]

Things to Do Before You Leave Your Apartment for Winter Break


We are proud to announce to partner with Mid-Summer Lounge and are excited having them join our MHM Gold VIP Program.  All of our MHM residents will receive a free soda when you purchase a bowl of noodle.  Don’t forget to show your MHM Gold VIP Card! What is the Mid-Summer Lounge? A new restaurant […]

MHM Properties x Mid-Summer Lounge


We are happy to announce to partner with Teamoji and welcome to be part of our MHM Gold VIP program.  Teamoji is a new tea place that opened on Green Street not too long ago.  The drinks come in two different sizes and hot options if you want a warm beverage.  It also asks the […]

MHM Properties x Teamoji


The world is bigger than you think and the days are getting shorter.  There’s so much to see out there and seemingly so little time to do it.  If you are one of that wanderlust, you will find these helpful apps that everyone has been talking about lately.  The following apps can help tide you […]

8 Apps Everyone with Wanderlust Needs to Download Now!


Over the past year, MHM Properties has been working closely with a student group called FACES Consulting.  The students have been collaborating with our Marketing Manager Sam Lee and have been working closely to expand MHM’s company brand. We are providing insight to the student consultants about the real estate business as well as student […]

Press Release: MHM Properties Collaborating with the FACES Consulting Group


Ever wondered where your money disappears to each month?  You work hard, you know you make it (if you have a part-time job) – yet it seems as though you never have any, or at least not as much as you think you should after you pay your bills.  In fact, it is estimated the […]

10 Bad Habits that are Costing You Money


Omelet in a Cup 1 Servings     5 Min Prep Time     10 Min Total time Ingredients: EGGS 1 teaspoon Land O Lakes Butter with Canola Oil 2 large Land O Lakes Eggs TOPPINGS (IF DESIRED) Shredded cheese Chopped onion Chopped bell pepper Chopped ham Chopped cooked bacon Cooked sausage crumbles Salt Pepper […]

MHM Kitchen: Omelet in a Cup


Dust is a mixture of dead skin cells, pollen, dust mites, dust mite feces, pet dander, textile fibers, burnt particles of cosmic rocks, decomposing insects and more – dust is dirty.  Toxic chemicals that hide in dust pose cancer and fertility risk and are a significant source of exposure to these chemicals. Lead, DDT(dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), arsenic, flame […]

​24 Dust Places You Probably Haven’t Cleaned in Forever!

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Roommate Matching Unit Available for Spring 2019 (Immediate Move-In)

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