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Whether it’s your first year in college and thinking about living in an apartment, or you didn’t have luck getting the apartment you wanted last year, it helps to know when you should start looking for one to make sure you get your dream apartment while in college. First of all, know your campus and the […]

When Should You Start Looking for an Apartment?


Subleasing Process If you’re looking to sublease your apartment for summer or any time between now and until your lease ends, now it’s a great time to start looking!  Current residents may sublease their apartments to another person by signing a sublease agreement.  This sublease contract is an agreement between the current resident (sublessor) and […]

Subleasing Information


  With the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 just around the corner, brush up your knowledge of the fascinating ice and snow disciplines.  The 2018 Winter Olympics are set for February 9-25.  Here’s a quick guide, including location, new events, venues, and how to watch the Games.  Competitions will be held at 13 venues for […]

Get Ready for PyeongChang Winter Olympic 2018


Super Bowl LII is coming up on Sunday, February 4th kicks-off at 5:30 p.m. CT at the Minnesota Viking’s new stadium, NRG Stadium in U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.  The New England Patriots look to repeat being Super Bowl champions by winning the sixth title in the franchise’s history.  The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, […]

Super Bowl LII 2018


Now that you’ve made it through the Fall semester, congratulations!  You’re one step closer to your graduation and entering to your parent’s footsteps, however, we’re not quite there yet.  Now that you’ve worked hard, you have to play hard during the breaks, to even the universe. Winter break could make you lazy but try to […]

How to Make The Most of Your Winter Break


The choice between living in a dorm or apartment can be as difficult as choosing which college to attend. For incoming freshman, the choice is probably already made for you since many colleges require first-year students to live on-campus. Starting your sophomore or upperclassman, you have the choice to live in a dorm or consider […]

Should I live in a Dorm or Apartment?


As Fall semester comes to an end, it also means the beginning of Final Exams. Often, many students study at the last minute or drink coffee all day to stay all night to prepare for the tests. All of which are bad habits. Let’s discuss good study habits so that you stay healthy and get […]

What Should I Do to Prepare Tests and Final Exams!?


After a long wait, we’re proud to announce the exclusive MHM Gold VIP Program has finally begun! MHM Properties is pleased to offer our residential tenants the exclusive MHM Properties Gold VIP Program! The MHM Gold VIP card grants our tenants access to the program and allows them to receive exclusive deals, discounts, promotions at […]

MHM Gold VIP Program


It’s that time of the year again for college students: HOMECOMING!  Homecomings are a time when school faculty, students, and alumni get together to show their school pride.  It is highly recommended for all students to attend this year’s University of Illinois Homecoming 2017 because it can be rewarding and memorable if you take advantage […]

UIUC Homecoming 2017

University of Illinois Homecoming 2017


We’re ¼ ways of the Fall semester and students are getting busier, assignments and projects are piling up for every class, and of course, let’s not forget about tests and midterms. College might be the best four years of your life, but they’re sure are not the easiest. College life involves late-night studying, eating lots […]

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