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After a long wait, we’re proud to announce the exclusive MHM Gold VIP Program has finally begun! MHM Properties is pleased to offer our residential tenants the exclusive MHM Properties Gold VIP Program! The MHM Gold VIP card grants our tenants access to the program and allows them to receive exclusive deals, discounts, promotions at […]

MHM Gold VIP Program


It’s that time of the year again for college students: HOMECOMING!  Homecomings are a time when school faculty, students, and alumni get together to show their school pride.  It is highly recommended for all students to attend this year’s University of Illinois Homecoming 2017 because it can be rewarding and memorable if you take advantage […]

UIUC Homecoming 2017

University of Illinois Homecoming 2017


We’re ¼ ways of the Fall semester and students are getting busier, assignments and projects are piling up for every class, and of course, let’s not forget about tests and midterms. College might be the best four years of your life, but they’re sure are not the easiest. College life involves late-night studying, eating lots […]

Phone Apps Suggested for Every College Students


College life is filled with busy lifestyle including, unexpected meetings, forgot to submit your homework, catching up with friends, and it could often destroy your routine easily. Moreover, habits are not something you can change the next day. It requires dedication, commitment, and training in order to have great habits. Here are some great evening […]

Evening Habits in College

Great Evening Habits Worth Starting in College


Often, college students have limited cooking time, unless it’s the weekend, but even so, they are always eager to have something quick and easy.  Here are some of the slow cooker recipes that any college students can purchase from their nearest grocery store and enjoy making them. Breakfast Nachos Ingredients Diced Bell Pepper Onion, Diced […]

Easy Cooking Recipes for College Students


College meal plans can be expensive and the food, frankly speaking, not the best and notoriously repulsive.  Once you move away from dorms, you have the option to choose between college meal plan or plan your own meals.  Now, it becomes a question whether I’m going to spend the weekend going grocery shopping and cook […]

How to Survive Without a College Meal Plan


There are many benefits that come with keeping houseplants, but not many people are aware of their ability to naturally filter toxins out of the air in their homes. Many people often keep their houseplants in the common rooms like living room, balconies or patios so that the tenants or their guests can easily enjoy […]

Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom

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