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5 Kitchen Items You’re Storing the Wrong Way

Posted September 4, 2018

Let’s not forget.  Your bedroom is not the only workhorse of the home, but also your kitchen.  It’s a place where the items you store in it including utensils, serving pieces, and all that cookware, which are among the toughest items because they have to stand up to daily use.  Unless you are constantly eating out.

Nonetheless, although these items are super-durable, if you don’t store them correctly, you could potentially damage them.  At the very least, you could waste space that you could be using for something else.

Let’s take a look at five kitchen items you may be storing the wrong way.

Image Credit: Samara Vise

1. Knives

If you are putting knives into a utensil drawer, first of all, it’s dangerous and you’re doing it wrong!  Not only you can cut yourself but it’s also bad for your knives.  Every time a blade hits something that’s not food, it can ruin the quality of the knife.  Instead, store them along magnetic strips, inside drawer inserts, or by carefully inserting them into a knife block.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

2. Cookie Sheets

Are you still stacking your cookie sheets in a messy pile?  Not a good idea!  The best way to store these cookies is vertically not horizontally.  You may want to consider these following options: use tension rods to get them upright, try a file folder-style divider or even try a DIY drawer for them.

Image Credit: B. Calkins

3. Spices

If you’re thinking about putting spices into matching jars because that’s what you’re “supposed” to be doing – time to let that go.  Instead of storing them into cute or matching containers, just organize them by frequency or application and you’ll be just fine.

Image Credit: Joe Lingeman

4. Wine Glasses

If you’re storing your wine glasses from a hanging wine rack, they should go rim-side up.  The reason is that the rim is the most fragile part of the glass.  Some people may wonder and afraid of dust settling in there, but if you use your glasses even semi-frequently or store them inside a cabinet, it’s really not a big issue.  Remember, whether they’re dusty on the inside or the outside, you’ll still have to wash them either way before using them.

Image Credit: Gabriela Herman

5. Cast Iron

Even if you are storing the cast iron inside your cabinets, you may be making a crucial mistake.  Metal on metal can scratch and damage the finish on your cast iron and eventually making it wear out faster.  To resolve this issue is very simple.  Simply place a single paper towel in between each layer.  Besides protecting the surface, it can absorb extra moisture to prevent rust as well.

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