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Our Favorite Cheap Restaurant Delivery Serving UIUC Campus

Posted April 8, 2021
Cheap Food Delivery Near UIC

For every college kid, the price of the food is almost as important as what it is and how convenient it is. College kids lack space and means to be cooking for themselves, and sometimes they just get tired of the dining halls. Who can blame them! 

But when you go to a school like UIUC that thrives off its college environment, a plethora of cheap restaurants have been popping up over the last decade to accommodate the massive spike in deliveries and the small pockets of their clientele. 

When looking for a cheap place to get delivered to your apartment, look no further. With tons of different food options, finding something that is cheap and hits the spot is easier than ever. 

Black Dog Smoke and Ale House 

We know, starting off with a BBQ place on the list of cheap restaurants seems counterproductive, but believe us, if you are craving BBQ food and want to spend less than $20, you can easily accomplish it and Black Dog. A UIUC favorite when it comes to pulled pork, brisket, and especially their homemade chili. Check out their menu and prices here

Papa Dell’s Pizza

This list would never be complete without including a pizza place. It is a college classic and something every college-educated person has a fond memory of- their favorite campus pizza place. Papa Dell’s is a campus favorite and even offers a deep dish to satisfy that occasional craving (especially if you’re from the Chicagoland area!).

They even sell pizza by the slice if you’re looking for a meal under $5. Visit this place if you love a cheap slice and an excellent story, their website will tell you all about the owner, including when they opened- “Papa Del’s opened on Homecoming Saturday, October 24th, 1970, with the help of about six employees to run his 64 seat restaurant. There was a line out the door. It was a long night.” And they still drum up the same hype 50 years later. 

Farren’s Pub and Eatery 

If you’re missing going to the bars, Farren’s pub will hit the spot on the best cheap bar food around. Farrens delivers bang for their buck with a plethora of appetizers and entrees that will satisfy your bar food craving. Available for delivery through Postmates or curbside pick up, you can check their menu out here and see if Farren’s is the pub food restaurant of your dreams. 


One of the more ‘expensive’ restaurants on our cheap list is KoFusion. Everyone knows sushi is a little pricer than other options, but this sushi restaurant knows its customers and knows how to keep its business. You can get sashimi pieces for only a few dollars each and even a full hibachi or sushi meal for under $20. If you’re craving sushi and can’t spend $50, this place will definitely satisfy that craving and make you want to come back for more! 

Seven Saints 

Another pub-type restaurant but with an America twist, Seven Saints is an awesome bar and grill type place specializing in its sliders and classic apps. If you’re feeling pretzels and cheese, cheese curds, and anything fried, you will find yourself right at home among the seven saints menu. Perfect for ordering for a big group of friends to all split, they have something for everyone on this menu. If you’ve never been to Seven Saints, as some upper-level student about it, and everyone will tell you the same thing: it’s the best restaurant around. Visit their menu here.

Manolos Pizza and Emepanadas 

Another pizza place makes its way onto this list, not only for its excellent pizza but also for its addition of empanadas to its already awesome menu. Something you can’t get a lot of other places, Manolo’s stands out among the students for its crispy and cheap empanadas. At only about $2.50 each, you can easily head there, get a few of those with a slice of pizza and make it out with dinner for under $10. They love to serve students and have been keeping their prices low since they opened! Don’t sleep on Manolo’s!

The Courier Cafe

If you’re more in the cake/tea/crumpets kind of mood or vibe, this place will be your best bet. The Courier Cafe is “famous for its delicious breakfasts and pleasant antique-like setting. The café is open every day for a choice of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is one of the few quality restaurants open in late evening hours.”

The Courier Cafe will become your new best friend delivering hearty breakfasts and pastries as well as the coffee we all know you will desperately need. This can also be a great place to dine, study, and hang out during the day. Known for its breakfasts and immaculate vibes, this place is a must-try, whether through delivery or in person.

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