Roommate Matching Available for Fall 2019!

Move-In Information

Please read through and understand the following information thoroughly.  It may save you time, money, any trouble in the future.

  1. You will have 48 hours (beginning when the 1st set of keys are handed out) to fill out an online apartment condition report. If you have roommates that will be moving in late, you may fill out the condition report on their behalf.
  1. Be as specific as possible when filling out the condition report. if you list a stain or burn on your carpet or any other damages, you must identify exactly where it is located, as well as the size and number of stains or burns.  We inspected the apartment when the previous tenant moved out, so we are already aware of major damages, but you still must list them on your condition report so that you are not charged for it in the following year.
  1. If you wish to decorate your apartment, please follow these instructions:
    1. Do not use thumb tacks or nails when posting posters or photos. Please use 3M Command Strips or similar brands instead.
    2. Do not tape down your cable cords or any wires to your carpet (it will leave a residue that will damage the carpet)
    3. Any mirrors or shelves hung must be removed prior to moving out.
    4. Any wallpaper or borders must be removed before you move out. This includes the adhesive left on the walls.
  1. Bikes must be locked up on the designated bike racks only. Please DO NOT lock your bike to the handrails or the fences of your building.  This is against the fire codes.  Violators will have their lock cut (at your expense), and bikes removed without notice, and immediately donated to charity.
  1. Remember to call and have the utilities set up in your name or designated roommate if you have not done so already.

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Roommate Matching Available for Fall 2019!

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