Move Out Information

We hope you have enjoyed your stay at MHM Properties and will think of us again in the future should your housing needs change.  It’s been a great pleasure having and serving you as our tenant.  Please read and follow instructions below for the move-out procedures.

Normal Move-Out Procedure

Returning Keys

  1. MHM Properties staff will visit your apartment at the precise time and day that your lease expires to perform a brief inspection.
  2. Keys and garage openers should be handed over at this time.
  3. If you are unsure when your lease ends, please go to Resident Portal to view your lease.
  4. If you leave before your roommates, you may drop keys at our office at 303 S. Fifth Street Office or drop box.
  5. Failure to return all sets of keys by the lease end date will result in a lock change charge and no exceptions accepted.
  6. Everything must be cleaned and all personal belongings removed prior to your walkthrough. (Be sure to remove your car & bicycle from the property)

Early Move-Out Procedure

The early move-out is designed for those residents that plan to be gone over the summer whether they are graduating, leaving the country or just simply do not want to sublease their apartment.  Some tenants may consider this option because the advantage to the early move out option is you can turn off all your utilities.  Thus, you will have no further out of pocket expenses to pay.  To schedule your early move-out inspection:

  1. Call or email the office at least 48 hours in advance to request a precise day and time (8AM-5PM, Mon-Sat, Only) for MHM Properties staff to visit your apartment.
  2. Refer to items 2, 5, and 6 above.

**If you are a sublet, you will not be eligible for the early move out option without the original lessee’s signature or permission.  In addition, if you did not pre-pay your last month’s rent call the office for information on eligibility. **

Damage Deposit

One Damage Deposit statement, with refund check (if applicable), will be mailed to your Deposit Administrator (whom you chose at the time of lease signing) approximately 30 days after your lease termination date.  Please go to to submit an address to which you wish your refund to be sent.  If you have sublet your apartment you should send a deposit refund, if applicable, to the sublessee.

Utilities & Mail

Make sure to call utility companies to have the utilities taken out of your name as of the last day of your lease.  We cannot do this for you since the account is in your name.  If you do not have the utilities taken out of your name, you will continue to be charged until you do.

Do not forget to forward your mail.  Please click the link: and enter your forward mail address.  Once you have moved out and returned keys, you will not be permitted to check out a mail key in order to check your old mailbox.

If you have any other questions, please contact our office at 217.337.8852 or email

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