Subleasing Process

If you are looking to sublease your apartment for summer or any time between now and until your lease ends, now is a great time to start looking!  Current residents may sublease their apartments to another person by signing a sublease agreement.  This sublease contract is an agreement between the current resident (sublessor) and the new resident (sublessee).

We suggest that residents searching for sublessees post a listing on Craigslist, Facebook Sublet groups, place an ad in the Daily Illini and/or post flyers throughout campus.

Please read the sublease instructions below as a guide to complete your sublease:

  1. Before signing the sublease contract, the sublessee must submit an online APPLICATION with MHM Properties. The original resident will STILL be ultimately responsible for the lease obligations should the sublessee not fulfill his/her sublease obligations.  Choose responsible individuals as your sublessees.
  2. A sublease appointment must be made to visit our office with at least 24-hour advance notice. At least one original tenant must be at the appointment to initiate the paperwork.  If you have roommates, the roommates must give permission in a written form and send an email to
  3. There is a $100.00 sublet fee that’s due at the time of the signing. The fee will cover contract and sublet processing.  Any outstanding balance must be paid in full before the sublease signing appointment.
  4. Before the appointment, original residents and new sublessees must discuss and decide upon the following items which will be written into the sublease agreement: start date of the sublease, end date of the sublease (cannot exceed the lease end date), sublessee payment amount and security deposit.
  5. Lastly, the landlord must approve any sublease, in writing, for it to be valid. Unauthorized sublessees risk eviction.

Sublease Security Deposit

MHM Properties strongly suggests that the sublessor require the sublessee to pay a security deposit.  This can be any amount agreed upon and is paid directly to the original resident.  MHM Properties recommends that on or near the start date of the sublease, one of the current residents and one of the sublessees inspect the apartment together noting the condition of all items on the report.  Both individuals should sign it, date it and keep copies for themselves.

The sublessor is required to return the sublessee’s security deposit within two weeks of receiving information on their security deposit from MHM Properties.  If the sublease end date is prior to the end of the original lease, the sublessor will need to inspect the apartment for damages.  The sublessor must return the security deposit within thirty days of the end of the sublease agreement.

How to Find a Subtenant

Here are resources you can use to advertise your sublease:

  1. The U of I Study Abroad website housing board:  Here, you can post your ad to other U of I students (you have to use your net ID to log into it)
  2.  Here, you can also post your ad for free, but be very careful about scams.  Craigslist has a pretty good page talking about what to look out for that should be a good indication if a response is a scam.
  3. Daily Illini classified section: They have a sublet section, both in their print paper and online, but they do charge for it.
  4. MHM Finding Sublease / RoommateFacebook group page:  You can post your ad here for free as long as you have a Facebook account.

Keep in mind that this will be most difficult as man students are looking for someone to sublet from them in the summer with very few students left to do so.  Consider making your rent price negotiable.

Sublet Your Apartment Sublease Listings

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