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Great Evening Habits Worth Starting in College

Posted September 14, 2017
Evening Habits in College

Evening Habits in College

College life is filled with busy lifestyle including, unexpected meetings, forgot to submit your homework, catching up with friends, and it could often destroy your routine easily. Moreover, habits are not something you can change the next day. It requires dedication, commitment, and training in order to have great habits. Here are some great evening habits that are worth starting during your college years.

Plan Out the Next Day and Make a To Do List

It is not required to write it down in your planner because everyone is different on how they make a to do list. Nonetheless, if you don’t write it down, visualizing the next day will help. It’s a great habit because it could give you peace of mind. Moreover, it motivates you to write or do one thing every day, regardless how small or big it is. If you don’t write out your plans or visualize the next day, often it could start reeling and begin stressing out. Make sure to start this habit before it’s too late!

Lay Your Clothes Out the Night Before

Yes, generally we all want to look good in front of your colleagues, professors or in front of strangers. Students can often waste a ridiculous amount of time in the mornings, selecting clothes, pants and the colors must match and so on. It’s highly recommended to lay out everything the night before including clothes, jewelry, socks, pants, and whatever you need for the next day. This habit will surely save your morning!

Clean Up Routine

Whenever we hear someone doesn’t brush their teeth or doesn’t clean themselves the night before they sleep, our first reaction is “OMG! That’s disgusting!”. Well, there are some people who don’t regularly brush their teeth or take off their makeup. There are going to some nights where you feel exhausted or lazy to clean up. That’s an extremely bad habit and we all should take care of our bodies in college because it’s a huge part of self-care.

Read Before You Sleep

Many of us have heard, “knowledge is the power”. Reading does allow many of us to gain knowledge and it’s one of the greatest habits to start. We know college can be very busy and may not make any time for personal reading time. Frankly speaking, there’s always a time you can make yourself to do something. Make yourself at least 15-30 minutes at night or day to read something you love or to learn. It will definitely benefit in the long run.

Create an Evening Routine

This is just as important as your morning routine. Having an evening routine every night signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. Everyone is different, so some students can’t go from doing homework to immediately going to sleep. Some may fall asleep faster as soon as they brush their teeth, changing clothes and getting ready for bed. Nonetheless, having an evening routine that is designed for you, is a great habit in college.

Not Snacking Before Bed

One of the bad habits in college is snacking. Often, many college students get hungry after hours of studying and doing homework. This leads your hands to potato chips, chocolate, crackers, sodas and much more. Not eating anything sugary will help you fall asleep faster and you won’t use too much energy digesting more food. Whenever you feel hungry right before bed time, instead of looking for junk food, try chewing gum because it’ll help.

Set A Bedtime

Try to go sleep at around the same time every night. Many college students tend to survive on no sleep but this is an extremely bad habit. Research has shown that students who sleep regular basis with an average between 7-9 hours tend to perform better than students who rely on coffee or monster drinks. Establishing this sleeping habit will help you immensely in college!

We want all of our students to succeed and accomplish everything they want. We hope these evening habits have helped and made your college life easier. Don’t forget to work hard, play hard and enjoy every moment in college!

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