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University of Illinois Homecoming 2017

Posted October 2, 2017
UIUC Homecoming 2017

UIUC Homecoming 2017

It’s that time of the year again for college students: HOMECOMING!  Homecomings are a time when school faculty, students, and alumni get together to show their school pride.  It is highly recommended for all students to attend this year’s University of Illinois Homecoming 2017 because it can be rewarding and memorable if you take advantage of the opportunity.

To simply put, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend time and interact with your friends, family, faculty members, and most importantly alumni!  There will be many events, festivities set a perfect environment for light, no-pressure networking, and most importantly, homecoming football!  So, what are the reasons to attend this year Homecoming 2017?

1. Meet New People

Going to large public schools like the University of Illinois, there’s no way to know everybody in their school.  Many students may have groups of friends or know people within their current majors, but attending homecoming will broaden a student’s network while getting to know students they have never met before!  Moreover, talking with fellow students, faculty, and alumni is a perfect way for students to get their name out there.  Connecting leads to possible internships, and maybe even job opportunities!  Don’t miss this great opportunity.

2. Show Your School Pride

Showing your school pride is what homecoming is all about!  Most people will be wearing their school colors and parading around campus gives off a good vibe.  It makes current students and faculty feel they’re part of something special and gives alumni a reassurance why they chose that school.  Make sure to wear your school’s color shirt to show pride for your school!

3. Cheer on School Athletics

Homecoming weekend provides plenty of entertainment.  There will be both men’s and women’s sports teams and club activities contribute to it, and give another reason to go and support their college!  If you have a particular sport that you like, make sure to participate and cheer for your school athletes.  Most of all, homecoming football is one of the largest events that you don’t want to miss out!

4. Support A Cause

Homecomings are not just simply about the campus itself, but about the communities as well.  Many events include special recognition of a cause of the local community.  It may range from the walk for cancer, supporting a charity and its foundation, homecoming will provide attendees with a special feeling of giving.  If you would like to contribute and support a cause, don’t forget to donate and show your support!

5. Have Fun!

Again, homecoming is about support and pride, but it is enjoyable as well!  Homecomings provide a weekend full of fun and games for families and friends to enjoy.  There will be plenty of food, including alumni lunches and student organization cookouts.  Concerts, sports, and other events bring people together and showcase just a few of the many reasons to attend your school’s Homecoming!  Make sure to support your school, make pride and most importantly, have fun and make the most memorable moments with your loved ones.

For more information about this year’s homecoming, please visit and don’t forget to hashtag #ILLINOIShomecoming!

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