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8 Apps For Self Improvement, Goal Tracking & Organization to Start 2022 Right

Posted January 19, 2022

With the start of the new year just a few weeks behind us, the same thing is on everyone’s mind. What are my resolutions for the year, and can I achieve them? But it’s 2022, and as we develop our resolutions technology develops, it leaves people who need help with plethoras of online organizers, notes, and apps. Here’s a list of the best apps to help you organize, track your goals and work on self-improvement right at your fingertips. 

Apps for Organization


If you’re looking for an all-in-one kind of app that can take notes, take and store recordings and photographs and manage your calendar, this is the app for you. says “It has a cloud-based storage where you can securely save everything that you need to access, anywhere and anytime. The app is capable of scanning receipts and other documents, including handwritten notes […] and with its reminder feature, you are assured that you will not miss important events and deadlines.” 

Last Pass 

Different than Evernote, Last Pass is less for storing notes and photos and more for storing passwords for everyday use. People are obsessed with this app because it stores and reminds you of all your passwords and lets you know when they might have been compromised. If you’re always changing passwords because you can’t remember, this app is for you. They are safe to use and “You’re guaranteed that the passwords you save in LastPass are encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithm. LastPass does not send your master password to its servers, ensuring that there is no risk of security breach.” Reviews are in – you need this app. 

Google Drive + connected apps

If you don’t have it yet, you will after reading this. One of the most commonly used apps by professionals and organizations, google drive and its connected apps will change your life. Highlights include google calendars and a Gmail account as well as google docs, excel, and powerpoints for on-the-go recollection. It features a cloud network that streamlines working from home to work on the go; Google yet again does it all by creating the most proficient app for organizations. 

Apps for Self Improvement


When going about everyday life it can be hard to keep yourself motivated and positive. Think Up is an incredible app that “provides you with personalized affirmations and inspirations every day and lets you build your own self-improvement program using the tools and data collected by the app.” according to Making the list of best apps of 2020, Think Up is the #1 app for affirmations and motivation. Start 2022 on the best note you can with this awesome self improvement app.

7 Minute Workout 

The number 1 workout app in 127 countries, 7-minute workout is the perfect app to integrate into busy schedules. With no gear needed, this app provides you with different workouts daily that target different parts of your body, keep you moving, and keep you working on yourself. Even if you only have a few minutes a day. If you want to upgrade your subscription, according to the app store, 7 Minute Workout can also:

  • “Create custom workouts.
  • Set the duration per exercise.
  • Set the rest between exercises.
  • Adjust the number of sets.
  • Randomize the exercises.
  • Get additional routines.”

Apps for Goal Tracking


This easy-to-use app is possibly one of the greatest out there in terms of managing and tracking goals. talks the Strides app up by saying “all you need to do is pick a goal […] set your target, and specify the action you will need to turn the goal into a regular habit. […] You get to keep track of your goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. All of the data collected is synced to your account, so you always see the latest statistics regardless of whether you access it from a mobile device, a computer, or any other platform.” 

When searching for an app to help you set, track, and keep your goals, look no further than Strides. 


Little habits that you can’t see to remember to get you down? Looking for a way to meet those small self-improvement goals or establish consistency to reach a goal? Look no further than Habitica, an app made to “makes it easy to build habits and stay productive by taking an approach that rarely fails; turning everything into a game. Habitica offers rewards to keep you incentivized, and it also comes with its own social network platform. With the app, you track and monitor your habits, use the to-do list, and join other users to play exciting games.

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