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Get Fit in 2023: 7 Fitness and Brain Apps For Self Improvement

Posted January 18, 2023
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With 2023 off to the races, many have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions and moved on to bigger and better things. While losing weight is a common resolution, something that can help bring fitness into your life without the pressure of losing weight are easy-to-use apps. Moving your body in a healthy way can lead to positive life changes, not focusing on losing weight but feeling better. Being fit starts with a healthy brain and healthy brain functioning. Bring your best self into 2023 with the top apps for fitness and self-improvement. 

Way of Life 

Need help making and keeping new habits? Whether this shows through fitness, meditation, or simple tasks like keeping up with daily housing chores or remembering to wash your face, Way of life is the best app to help you maintain and form new habits in the new year. The app is simple and fast to use, so you can keep track of your progress and see right in front of you how hard or easy the habits might be and how to maintain them. This app will take you back to your studying days, letting you know how well you’re doing and what can be improved. 


If you have yet to dabble in mindfulness and meditation, headspace is the perfect app to start with. A healthy body begins with a healthy mind – and headspace is revered as one of the most influential and successful apps on the market right now. They feel more relaxed and mindful with just ten days of use with different techniques and things to explore. Users of the app report feeling happier daily, getting a better night’s sleep, and having a heightened ability to deal with their issues without adverse reactions. At only $70 a year, this app is one of the most popular and widely used to practice mindfulness and self-improvement. 

7 Minute Workout 

The number 1 workout app in 127 countries, the 7-minute workout is the perfect app to integrate into busy schedules. With no gear needed, this app provides you with different workouts daily that target different parts of your body, keep you moving, and keep you working on yourself. Even if you only have a few minutes a day. If you want to upgrade your subscription, according to the app store, 7 Minute Workout can also:

  • “Create custom workouts.
  • Set the duration per exercise.
  • Set the rest between exercises.
  • Adjust the number of sets.
  • Randomize the exercises.
  • Get additional routines.”


It can be hard to keep yourself motivated and positive when going about everyday life. Think Up is an amazing app that “provides you with personalized affirmations and inspirations every day and lets you build your own self-improvement program using the tools and data collected by the app.” according to Up is the #1 app for affirmations and motivation. Start 2023 on the best note you can with this awesome self-improvement app.

Daily Workout Fitness Trainer

 Free to download and use, the daily workout fitness trainer is the best budget app for quick and easy-to-do workouts. They are known for featuring quick workouts between 5 and 30 min, keeping your mind and body alive when you have free time during the day. People love it because it’s quick, easy to use, cheap and accessible to all. Suitable for people of all levels, including beginners, and developed by real trainers. – no need for a gym membership to enjoy all this app has to offer. Just download it, and start feeling great! 


An app that took off a few years ago and is still widely discussed as the most effective way to learn a new language without taking a class – Duolingo is the ultimate self-improvement app. Learning a new language is at the top of the list of things that can improve your mental state and capacity. They make it easy to stay motivated and feature personalized learning. You can learn anywhere, anytime, and that’s what makes this app used around the entire world. Read testimonials and research on their website here

Nike Training Club

A favorite workout app of many, Nike is a trusted brand for everything fitness. In 2020 Nike made their app free to use due to Covid, and they have never looked back. reviews this app and says, “you now have the option to filter workouts by muscle group — abs and core, arms and shoulders, or glutes and legs, workout focus — endurance, mobility, strength, and yoga, and by equipment. There is also the option to filter by duration, level, and intensity. 

During testing, we found the instructor-led workouts to be engaging and motivating, and also enjoyed the whiteboard workouts, which show you the entire workout so you can follow at your own pace.” Check this app out for easy or hard activities to keep you on your feet daily. 


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