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How to Make Cleaning the Toilet Fun— If Not Fun But At Least Not Awful

Posted April 1, 2019

Cleaning toilet or even the bathroom, in general, is not always fun or exciting. It’s one of the most dreaded of all household chores and frankly, it’s a dirty job. However, would rather know it’s clean and shiny than put off doing it? In fact, the more often you clean it, the less dirty and less cleaning required.

Often, many people may start by using an all-purpose cleaner and a rag or a disinfecting wipe to clean the toilet. While you are doing so, it collects dust on the outside of the toilet. Even worst on the lid of the tank and then down toward the bottom.

Instead of going through tremendous trouble, how about dust the toilet first. You could use a vacuum and clean the toilet – how simple. One simple step could really make the cleaning easier and less awful.

Good luck!

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