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Remote Learning Tips: How to Stay Focused & Productive

Posted October 23, 2020
Remote Learning Tips

Those entering the 2020 school year had no idea what was in store. With almost every school in the country participating in some type of hybrid in-person and online learning, it is a completely new challenge that students are facing this year.

The struggle to be productive and stay focused in these trying times is a constant struggle for students who are now out of their comfort zone, and mostly in their home or student apartment for all of their learning. We want to share a few tips and tricks to help you stay focused while getting an education at home.

Establish a Routine

Staying on task while learning at home can be extremely difficult for those who thrive off a strict, daily routine. Establishing a routine in your home that you can stick to daily helps to maintain focus while promoting time management skills and an internal calendar that your body will soon follow.

Once you settle into a routine, it can be easier for you to maintain focus on one subject at a time, while still allowing time in your day for lunch and dinner, Netflix, time to relax, and whatever else keeps you happy. It’s the perfect medium to make sure, for once, there are enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Prioritize Your Work

Many professionals say that one of the biggest secrets to being successful in any work environment is to prioritize your work and start each week with a to-do list. For some, crossing off items on a to-do list can be extremely satisfying. Starting each day with a clear, mapped out schedule is a good way to visually see and understand what needs to be done first, and what can be put off until the next day.

Prioritizing your work can help you in your routine by showing you what you need to study for, and what assignments you need to complete before the end of your day. A perk about college life, if you don’t get something done during the day, you always can stay up all night!

Make Your Environment Comfortable

Feeling comfortable and at ease in your environment is an important factor that can help keep your stress down while learning at home. Here are some cheap ways to upgrade your at-home learning environment:

Candle, Inscents, and Wallflowers

Adding a relaxing smell to your environment can keep your stress level down while you work.

Get a good chair & lighting

Being comfortable physically can make or break your experience with online learning. Try and have a dedicated area for work, including a comfortable chair and non-harsh lighting.

Eating and having regular small snacks can be extremely helpful for keeping you on task. Food gives you energy, therefore more will to not get caught up in social media and other distractions. Ensure that you have the right food in your house to keep yourself energized. gives tips about eating healthy while learning online and says, “Whether it’s a few pieces of fruit or a quick bowl of cereal, making sure you eat a nutritious breakfast is one of the best ways to stay in good health during the lockdown. Not only does it refuel the body with nutrients and energy, so you’re ready for the day, but it will also help to ensure that you’re reaching your body’s daily nutritional requirements.”

Have the Right Gear

College is expensive; there is no denying that. But having the right gear is essential to be successful in online learning. While you can easily use various types of laptops to work on, it’s the smaller items that are the most important.

A good pair of headphones, preferably with soundproof capabilities, might shield you from any loud distractions such as roommates, music, and noisy neighbors. It also helps many to listen to their favorite music while studying or even putting on a good podcast or classical piano. Keeping your environment serene and peaceful while you work can deescalate your stress and ensure you’re able to fully focus on your work.

When it comes to classic school supplies, the bulk of it has been replaced by your laptop. But if you’re someone who works better, taking notes on paper, having notebooks, pens, and other organizational items can help you recreate the school environment you might be craving at home. We recommend taking a trip to the local Office Max and buying up all the sparkly pens you can find.

Things that can also help you work more efficiently, but are on the pricer side are things like an extra monitor, a Bluetooth mouse, or phone or laptop stand.

While all of these things help keep you focused, having a positive attitude about your work can greatly affect the environment you’re in for the better. In these truly unprecedented times, it’s helpful to keep yourself motivated by the privilege to get an education and the difference you can make when you have it.

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