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The Pros & Cons of Living with Roommates at College During Coronavirus

Posted November 23, 2020
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When states announced the shut-down and mandatory stay-at-home period, many people were worried about the amount of time they would be spending doing nothing but staying indoors. And the company that came with staying in your home- your roommates. For most college students, living with roommates is a no-brainer. Having your friends close for the difficult time college can bring, and for the fun times (not to mention all the parties you could throw!). But when resigning a lease in the current environment, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of living with college roommates during Coronavirus.

Constant Company

Something that can be looked at both as a pro and a con during extended periods at home is having someone always be there. If you are someone who gets along well with your friends and future/current roommates, this might be a big perk for you to sign a lease with those people. If you can handle spending the majority of your hours in their presence without being annoyed, you’ve got the right roommates. Having friends and company around during this time can also provide love and support for the crazy emotions everyone is feeling in this climate. Especially for college students who have had to relearn how to be a student online as well as not being able to party, their past favorite activity.

For some, the constant company can be the biggest factor keeping them away from having roommates during this time. People who consider themselves loners may not be too keen on constant company, especially if they are trying to frequently work at home. Many people feel safer and more at home in general when the space they live in is theirs and theirs alone. During COVID when you are expected to spend the majority of your time at home, this can make all the difference.


Something that must be thought about when deciding whether or not to have roommates is if they have in-person classes or part-time/full-time jobs. People who are at more of a risk for COVID or who are trying to be as safe as possible for others may decide not to have roommates simply for the fact of exposure. If you live with people you are constantly exposed to the people they have been exposed to, it’s unavoidable. Having an agreed-upon set of rules like who is allowed in the house, if you’re allowed to hang out with people outside the home, etc. is a good rule of thumb for having roommates and continuing to get along with them during the pandemic.

Being with people 24/7 can be mentally taxing, so having that set of rules among roommates can ease the tension of how you are supposed to act and who you’re supposed to see. As a rule of thumb- don’t leave passive-aggressive post-it notes, don’t leave your dishes in the sink for more than a day, and if you’re making yourself a drink make sure you ask the house who wants one as well.

Never Bored

Along the same lines as having constant company, if you decide to live with roommates all those fun quarantine activities that you will likely be picking back up during college lock-down can be done alongside your friends/roommates instead of your mother! Think about the new sourdough recipe you’ve been dying to try or that Netflix marathon you’ve been wanting to do. With roommates, you’re only alone when you want to be.

Not to mention having friends around you can replace the need and sadness around the fact that your semester will be different than others and that you can’t throw parties or go to bars. You and your roommates can entertain each other while at home, ensuring that not being able to party doesn’t ruin your semester.

No one knows how to navigate living in the world during such a crazy time, and no one has the answers on what is right and what is wrong when it comes to living or not living with people. Social interaction and our friendships are as important as ever right now, but having your own space to feel safe and homey and to be able to rest and work in properly is at the top of the priority list.

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