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The New Year’s Resolution for Every Zodiac Sign

Posted January 2, 2019

Hello, 2019!  A new year always brings about thoughts of self-reflection on what you can do in 2019 to make your life better, fun or do differently.  Everyone has their own term of success but just for fun, why not check the zodiac sign.  Some of these resolutions will challenge your sign’s core tendencies, while some are designed to bring you more of your sign’s unique brand of happy.  If the resolution for your sign does not speak to you, simply just consider this a list of 12 great New Year’s Resolution ideas for yourself, and share it with your friends or roommates.

Aries: Try a bold paint color

Aries, you are spontaneous and love to blaze your own path, so go to a store and pick a removable wallpaper and start decorating your home.  Do not paint the wall without the landlord’s approval!

Taurus: Refresh your sleep space

You absolutely love relaxation time and of course, buying new things.  As a Taurus, you should resolve to make your bedroom space a cozy safe haven.  Take your time picking out your favorite and new sheets, pillows, lighting, or even a sleep tracker.  You want to set yourself a goal for the year to make sure you get a night of better sleep, your bedroom space looks better than ever before.

Gemini: Buy more knick-knacks

For those of you who are Gemini, there are two things you love: Travel and good conversation.  Making knick-knacks the center of your resolution allows you to have an excuse to travel more places and find more new and interesting decor accents to bring home.  In addition, once they are on display, each item is like a conversation starter for anyone who comes over, “Oh, that?  I got that in Alaska…”

Cancer: Start an inspirational Instagram account

Cancer, you love to trust your intuition.  Instead of scouting for other people’s ideas on Pinterest or other social media platforms, document the spaces and styles that organically move you.  Use your imagination, creativity, and inspiration.

Leo: Declutter and donate your clothes

Leo, your resolution should be about doing something for others.  For example, committing to donate half of what’s in your closet.  Although it’s about you, feel free to post about yourself, nothing wrong with that.  Plus, all that extra space in your apartment means new clothes you can show off.  It’s a win/win!

Virgo: Do (and finish) more DIY projects

As a perfectionist, Virgo, you tent to stockpile home project ideas or any ideas without actually staring them.  Let all those planning go.  Plan to take on and finish one project ideas at a time or whatever pace feels doable for you but gets started first!

Libra: Rearrange your apartment

Libra, it’s all about balance in all things so this resolution may challenge you and appease your deepest desires at the same time.  Consider rearranging everything’s placement, which may forces you out of your comfort zone-trying out a room layout that feels “wrong” at first.  Later after living for a while, it may come to your senses of clarity than ever before about how your space should work.

Scorpio: Shop more sustainably

You’re passionate and determined to change the world, Scorpio.  So, let’s do it!  Commit to shopping “slow,” buying clothes and furnishings only from ethical brands this year or—better yet—shopping second-hand from antique stores, vintage sellers or online marketplaces.

Sagittarius: Have more parties

Here’s a challenge to give your life and your home a bit of grounding energy, Sagittarius.  Commit to having people over more—maybe once a month?—to enjoy your space and their company.  You tend to take people for granted, so share your space with your tightest people this year and let them know how much they mean to you.

Capricorn: Organize your biggest mess

Okay, Capricorn here’s a challenge for you.  Make it a plan to tackle your messiest space—the kitchen cabinets, the hall closet, the basement.  Take everything out, declutter it by half, and introduce systems and organizers to keep everything in order, forever.

Aquarius: Makeover an unexpected space

Aquas love to walk the unbeaten path, and this resolution requires the utmost creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.  Your mission is to add style to a utilitarian space that wouldn’t make most people’s makeover lists—like painting the laundry room a bright and bold shade or revamping the inside of a closed cabinet with wallpaper and washi tape.  If you are a renter, ask the landlord before doing so!

Pisces: Take up abstract art

You love to express yourself through the arts, Pisces, but your overthinking nature means you probably still struggle to get started.  So just start!  Grab a canvas and some paint and see where your creative brain takes you.  Best of all, you might find your painting sessions are the perfect moment of alone time that you need to recharge.

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