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Things to Do Before You Leave Your Apartment for Winter Break

Posted December 10, 2018

Winter break is just around the corner and college students are getting ready to get back home for an extended break from their studies.  Their absence leaves a lot of rental units empty and vulnerable to property damage and cold weather-related maintenance issues.  The tips below are a good start for putting together a Winter Vacation Checklist.

Make sure to take valuable things with you

Remember to take laptops, electronics, jewelry, and other valuables home with them.  Items that are too large to transport should be kept out of sight from windows, balconies, and doors.  Keep in mind that property theft rates are higher during breaks in the academic calendar.

Lock windows and doors

It’s common sense to lock a front door, but you might forget to make sure all their windows are secured.  For added protection, set all the window treatments up so that the interior of the unit isn’t visible from outside.

Take out the trash and clean the refrigerator

It looks harmless today, but in three weeks that Tupperware might have legs.  Please don’t leave food and garbage in an apartment for 3 weeks!  The importance of a clean kitchen, unless you really want a bug infestation on your Christmas list.

Leave the heat on

More budget conscious you might be tempted to turn the heat down over the break, but doing so can lead to frozen pipes or broken pipes.  Don’t turn off the thermostat over the break!  Simply keep in around 60 degrees.

Unplug appliances

Unplugging non-essential appliances like televisions, phone chargers, coffee pots, toaster ovens, personal fans reduces the risk of fire and saves energy.  Unplugging also means no one will leave coffee burning in the pot for the better part of a month.

Pay January Rent

Many of you don’t return to campus until after the New Year, sometimes as late as 2 weeks into January.  Make sure to leave a post-dated check at the leasing office or plan to pay their rent online before the beginning of the year.

Prepare for your return

You’re going to be tired and overwhelmed when you get back from your trip.  For example, you may want to prepare a frozen meal you can easily heat up when you get back will be easier than cooking and cheaper than eating out the first day you come back from vacation.  If you’re back to work the day after your trip, set out your bag right now, so you don’t have to worry about that when you get back.

We wish you a happy holiday and safe travel!

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