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What To Do Before You Move-In

Posted July 29, 2018

1. Setting Up Utilities (Water & Electricity)

Depending on your lease, you or your roommate will have to set up utilities (electricity and/or water) before you move-in.  Otherwise, there will be NO power and water!

The following are important phone numbers for your utility companies.  You will want to call or set up a new account online at least 2 weeks prior to move-in to ensure the services are activated when you move in.  We recommend you request uninterrupted service for power.

Please remember, it is your responsibility to set up your utilities.

Ameren IP (Electricity and Gas)


How to set up a new Ameren account:

  1. Begin by registering for a residential online account by creating a UserID and Password
  2. You will receive an email that will allow you to continue the registration process
  3. Next, select the option to start new service and follow the steps to turn on your service

Ready?  Click here to start now!

How do I get my power turned on?  You can apply for electric and gas service online.  You will need the following information to apply for service:

  • Primary account holder name
  • Service address where the service is to be turned on
  • Home phone number
  • Alternative phone number (if applicable)
  • Social Security Number
  • Name of Spouse (if applicable)
  • Employer
  • Mailing address, if different than the service address
  • Effective date you would like the service to be turned on

How do I apply for service?

Ameren needs positive identification in the form of a Social Security Number (SSN) to open an Ameren Illinois account in your name online.  Ameren Illinois requires this information to protect our customers from criminal acts of identification fraud.

If you do not have an SSN, please call your Ameren Illinois Customer Care Center to arrange for proof of identification to establish service.

If you have an SSN, you can start services by using the online options.

Illinois American Water


How to set up a new American Water account:

  1. Make sure you know your resident address. If you are having difficulties finding your service address, enter the street name only without prefix or suffix.  (Example: enter Main for E Main St)
  2. Fill out the spaces as thoroughly as possible with your information.
  3. In the Home for Activation section, select from the following options.  You DO NOT have to be present when activating the service.
  4. Please read the Liability Consent and select the options.
  5. Choose the date you would like to activate the service.  It’s highly recommended to start the service at least 2 WEEKS before the move-in date to ensure you have water in the apartment on time.
  6. Review the service summary and submit the service request.
  7. Make sure to have a copy of the service request confirmation for reference.

Ready?  Click here to start now!

2. Contact Your Roommates

Communication is crucial when it comes to move-in.  Make sure that you reach out to your roommate(s) and you have agreed who is bringing what.  This will avoid situations like showing up with multiple sets of utensils, plates, TVs, lights, etc.  Make sure everyone is clear on what each person is responsible for bringing.

3. Make Arrangements

The official move-in date begins on Friday, August 24th starting 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm.  If you are planning to arrive early or late, we will do our best to coordinate with the staffs and try to accommodate your needs.  You must contact the office and make a separate arrangement.  Please plan your travels accordingly.  Otherwise, you will have to check-in the next day.

4. Get Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is not a requirement for MHM Properties tenants, but it is highly recommended.  In the event that something happens to your building, MHM Properties does not cover any damage or loss to personal property.  We work with State Farm: Anna Schappaugh office.  If you have any questions in regards to Renters Insurance, please feel free to contact Anna Schappaugh’s office at (217) 239-4282.

5. Start Packing Now!

When it comes to packing, you do not want to wait until the last minute or day before move-in.  Start packing today!  In the weeks leading up to move-in start gathering your things and making it easier on yourself.  If this is your first moving into an apartment, you can check our recommended packing list.  Make sure to pack wisely and only bring what you really need.  Otherwise, it will create a lack of space and is not overflowing with things that you could have done without.  You may want to think about when you will visit home next time and consider bringing only the clothes that you will need until that time.  For example, if you plan to visit home for Fall or Thanksgiving Break, you may want to pack only what you need until then and swap things around for Winter season.

If you’re an international student, make sure to bring sufficient clothing and things you will need.  Often, you can purchase small things such as kitchen utensils, bathroom towels, bedsheets, blankets, etc. at Walmart, Target, and other local markets on campus.

Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward tod seeing you in a few weeks!

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